About The Sound

Live music is one of the most powerful human experiences. It can stoke a sense of excitement and awe that feels new and familiar all at once. It gives rise to a sense of togetherness. Music experiences of all kinds have a simple yet enigmatic way of bringing people together, creating real connection in a time when isolation & loneliness are increasingly pervasive.


Think of The Sound as the best, most supportive music group text you've ever been in.

At its core, The Sound is a project that makes it easier to find live music in our city. We curate local shows in one place so they are easier and faster to discover. Our goal is to give artists, venues, and music enthusiasts a platform to connect, create, support and thrive.

More than that, we envision The Sound as a community. We hope it's what you'll reach for when you're wondering what your friends are up to tonight or looking for something fun to do. The Rochester music scene is a bright, spirited & diverse group of talented creators who are united by a strong sense of togetherness and pride for our city. We offer The Sound in support and celebration of that sentiment.

Looking for an adventure? FOMO setting in? Check The Sound.


The Sound was created by Allegra Anka and Kate Rogers. Allegra, having recently relocated from Philadelphia, and Kate from Brooklyn, are musicians who moved to Rochester in part for its strong foundation in music.

Over a few drinks one night as new friends in a new city, they chatted about their former close-knit music communities in NYC and Philly. They realized that Rochester’s music scene, while absolutely thriving, lacked connection. There seemed to be isolated pockets of musicians doing cool things who had never met.

It was then that they decided to try to change that; bring the community closer together and create a platform to encourage communication and collaboration between musicians, fans, venues, businesses and all others who are invested in music in Rochester.


Kate, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, is a classically trained vocalist who picked up her first guitar in 2001 at the age of 16.

From there, she fell in love with bass and played in multiple local bands before moving to NYC in 2010.

Alongside building her career in digital marketing, she continued playing music in different indie/punk/surf/rock bands throughout her 10 years in the city.

In 2020, she moved to Rochester seeking a change of pace. She currently is the vocalist/bassist in shoegaze/dreampop outfit, Bad Bloom.


Allegra is a creator who was raised in a musical household in the Hudson Valley. They moved to upstate NY for college where they started going to punk shows, and fell in love with everything about it: the music, the ethos, the community.

In summer 2011 they moved to Philadelphia to be closer to friends and family. Shortly after, they founded a band called Cayetana with two of their best friends which spent the next 8 years writing and touring full-time across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Looking for a new intellectual and creative challenge, they started learning to code while doing music full-time, which eventually led to a career in tech.

In summer 2021, a decade later, they relocated back to Rochester looking for new adventures and a change of pace.

They currently play bass in several projects which keeps them busy writing and touring throughout the year.

Let's build a scene because we're all gonna benefit from it -- and the music's gonna benefit, which is the most important part.

Arty Shepherd, Saint Vitus Co-founder, Brooklyn, NY

There are musicians all around you making powerful, important music. Music is about so much more than hits. Those big, iconic moments that change everything. It's more than just entertainment. For so many of us, music is truly a way to navigate life. It connects us with other people, as almost nothing else can. Music makes us smarter, and healtier, and happier. Music is necessary. What if you lived in a city that believed that? [A city] that said, we're not waiting for that hit song to define us. We're a music city. Because music is necessary.

Elizabeth Cawein, Music Export MEM Founder, Music strategy, advocacy, publicity