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NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Andre Ramos Releases Symphonic, Heartfelt Album People and Touch

Written by The Sound Kate on Fri, 6/3

People and Touch is live on 6/1

I interviewed classical artist and composer Andre Ramos earlier in the year about his diverse musical career, time spent in Rochester as an Eastman student, and his plans for 2022 - which included releasing a new album.

Composed over the course of three years, People and Touch is a collection of Andre's experience with the world as a young adult; compassion from a stranger, shared melancholy, or the anger you feel when someone lets you down. He states that many of his lyrics were direct quotations from conversations he's had over the years.

The album incorporates a variety of instrumentation, including piano, guitar, and trombone, playing together in an eclectic world of feelings that come through in his lyrics. You really do feel the raw emotion Andre writes about.

The album was recorded in multiple houses and home studios around Rochester with Andre's friend and collaborator, Michel Goldstein. Andre and Michel met at Eastman and share a very similar perspective on music, and the creation of it. Andre, in reference to Michel: 'Not everyone will stay with you cooking bacon with a microphone to the pan for 1h while you search for a sound.'

Stream the album HERE.

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