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New Music Friday: Bad Bloom Releases Ethereal Dream Pop Single, 'Remnant'

Written by The Sound | Allegra on Fri, 5/6

Rochester shoegaze outfit Bad Bloom has released a new single on 5/6, 'Remnant'. This song is ethereal dream pop at its best, rich with guitar texture and catchy as all get out.

Bad Bloom has a unique sound that fuses genres, blending elements of shoegaze, dream pop and grunge rock, and Remnant is very much in keeping with this.

The song fluctuates between embodying melancholy and triumph. It feels simultaneously confronting and consoling, sweeping you up along with it as it builds.

Bright and glassy guitar leads weave through the song around the grounding, growling bass and striding drums, and morph into an absolutely anthemic display at their peak.

Frontwoman Kate Rogers has a distinctive, emotive vocal quality that has a captivating depth to it and is reminiscent of Shirley Manson (Garbage) and Victoria Legrand (Beach House).

A soundtrack for new growth, Remnant makes for a terrific mid-spring listen.

Don't sleep on it. Listen to Remnant here, and find Bad Bloom on Instagram here.

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