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New Music Friday: Croix Releases Heartfelt Indie Gem, Limerence

Written by The Sound Kate on Fri, 6/10

Limerence is live on 6/10

Croix is a new indie rock project in the Rochester scene, led by musician Carmen Lewis. The first EP release, 'Limerence', is the result of Carmen's 'musical awakening' in which she wrote 25+ songs over the course of 18 months and recorded 6 of them in partnership with local musicians.

Bubbling up in my rotation over the past few weeks, single 'Death of Dreams' is a quite a melancholic tune, but very catchy to say the least. It's the lo-fi indie rock you want to listen to when you're sad, or maybe even mad. In writing it, Carmen states she wanted to lean into her own authentic experiences, including a recent heartbreak and having to start over after a failed relationship.

Limerence translates to a 'state of mind resulting from romantic attraction, characterized by feelings of euphoria and the desire to have ones feelings reciprocated'. The songs truly do set a mood of this feeling overall, and the name is a perfect sum of the album.

Carmen collaborated on the EP with Jen Bender (Cusp/Rut) who played bass, guitar, keys, and sang backing vox. The duo had a strong connection in this songwriting, and the songs came to life wonderfully through the partnership. Billy Martin (THE Ginger Faye Bakers) rounded out the sound on drums.

Listen to the EP HERE and follow Croix on Instagram HERE.

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