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NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Math-Rock Outfit MAKEITSTOP Releases Anticipated Self-Titled EP

Written by The Sound Kate on Fri, 5/27

The EP is live on 5/28

Foreboding, edgy, and inspired by post-hardcore bands like Minus the Bear and The Mars Volta, MAKEITSTOP delivers a gem of an EP, following release of single “Nostromo’ earlier this year.  The EP is technical and drivey, intertwining melodic, angsty lyrics throughout a tangle of powerful yet delicate instrumentation. 

From the intricacies of the melodies, you can tell the band has a technical background - they all met in a jazz ensemble at FLCC in 2018. Building and forming their sound since, they’ve really come into the Roc scene through their powerful live performances, and now, this very well written and produced EP. 

I chatted with the band back in March, when their album was a work in process.: 

What inspires you to write? 

Caleb: ‘Watching live videos and hearing the crowds sing the words back. I want people to choke up listening to our stuff the way I do listening to them.’

Wally - I wrote a bunch of songs in a hotel room in San Diego, just looking out of the window. It’s nature for me’

Nate: ‘When I get super into a new band, it’s listening to their drummers. I get so many new ideas, especially for our newer songs, that’s where my brain goes.’

What’s your go-to place to hang in Roc?

Caleb, Wally, + Nate: ‘LUX’

Who is the weirdest person in the band? 

ALL: ‘Caleb.’ (they all point to Caleb)‘He has a lot of energy in one person. And then he crashes quick.’

Why should we make it stop?

Wally: ‘You really shouldn’t.’

Caleb: ‘I wanted to have a second band called ‘keep it going’’

MAKEITSTOP Is Nate olocki on drums, Wally Peck on Guitar, and Caleb Jordan on bass/vox.

They play on 5/28 at Bug Jar, 6/17 at Mohawk Place in Buffalo and 7/1 at Photo City. Pre-save the EP HERE and follow them on IG HERE.

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