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New Music Friday: Millo Releases Dreamy Electro/Rock Single, 'Control'

Written by The Sound Kate on Fri, 4/29

Millo's new single is out 4/29

Brand new rock outfit, Millo, releases their first single, 'Control', and it's definitely one to impress as a first-time listener to the band.

The track fuses various and distinct genres together - rock, electronic, even a bit of dreampop- into a catchy, immersive wave, intense yet gentle throughout. Vocal octaves guide the song as sweeping synths add a nostalgic undertone, driven by big, pulsing drums. It feels somber and passive, but you hear strong emotion and anger peak throughout.

The song was written about the innate human desire for control, and the inability to totally have it. JD Laird, the writer and performer behind Millo, states that the tune is meant to lull the listener into a sense of predictability, but ultimately leave them with an unsettled feeling overall - similar to the feeling we have when we lose control.

Hailing from Spencerport, JD began this project after a hard drive full of his work was damaged and he needed a fresh start. In 2020, he began to construct Millo and is finally sharing his work with the world. We're glad he is sharing his music and contributing this great project to the Rochester music scene.

You can listen to Control here, and follow Millo on IG here.

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