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New Music Friday: Pluck Releases Emotional Alt-Rock Album, 'Warm Safe Kind'

Written by The Sound Kate on Fri, 5/13

Pluck's Album, 'Warm Safe Kind' is out 5/13

Pluck is a local alt/indie outfit that has seemed to rise quickly out of the Rochester music scene, but the members have been playing together for years. Navigating through personal milestones, career changes, and distances, they decided to get serious about the band right before the pandemic.

In the exceptionally strong release of 'Warm Safe Kind', there are a variety of influences that shine through, both musically and lyrically, which is a reflection of how the album came together. Lead singer and guitarist Brock Saltsman's voice carries a tone of yearning and power throughout the entire album, highlighted by both highs and lows of emotion as each song leads into one another. The album was inspired his reflection on the band's friendship, their relationships, and other constants in their lives - and he states that it feels like a musical reunion of styles, motifs, and heart - everything that brought the band together.

It's hard to place this album in a certain genre, as there are notes of indie pop, alt-rock, and folk throughout. It's extremely melodic, the songwriting is phenomenal, and each song is different in its own way. My favorites from the album include 'What We Do In The Sun' (nostalgic, super catchy, summer jam) and 'The Shape Of Your Hands' (peaceful, emotional, lovely, and dreamy). Each song is so well-written, it's tough to pick a favorite.

The album was recorded at Submarine Sound and consists of lyricist/songwriter Brock Saltsman on Vocals/guitar, Javan Levey on lead electric/acoustic guitars, Alyssa Zaso on bass, Benjamin Chesnes on drums, and Ben Morey on organ (who also did production/recording/post production)

Listen to 'Warm Safe Kind' HERE and follow Pluck on Instagram HERE

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