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New Music Friday: The Ginger Faye Bakers Release Single, 'Los Paranoias'

Written by The Sound Kate on Fri, 6/17

'Los Paranoias' was released 6/17.

It's been a while since local Rochester power trio The Ginger Faye Bakers have released new music. They've been doing a lot of writing and experimenting (most recently by performing as 'The Digital Faye Bakers' at the Bug Jar. What an experience) and when I heard there was brand new music coming out I was excited to hear it.

The new song, 'Los Paranoias', is an uptempo rock n' roller, as one would expect from this group, and it really hits hard. It's loud, it's driving, and lyrically it's about paranoia taking over, so that sort of sets the mood. There's also a rippin' guitar solo which features the first known use of a FENDER guitar in the band, who knew? The raw, relentless energy really comes through on this one.

Aside from the grand premiere of the song today, it was featured on this week's episode of Animal Kingdom on TNT. I initially thought Animal Kingdom was Animal Planet, so this makes more sense now.

The Ginger Faye Bakers are Nate Briscoe on guitar and vocals, Tim Sadue on bass, and Billy Martin on drums.

Follow them on IG HERE and listen to the single HERE.

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