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Pluck: "Ride"

Written by The Sound | Allegra on Thu, 4/14

Pluck releases "Ride," a new single off their upcoming full-length album which comes out May 13. Catch them at Bug Jar tonight, April 14, with Coral Moons.

Smooth and mellow, "Ride" is a cohesive interplay between catchy, optimistic leads, twangy guitars and a tight, percussive rhythm section. Sonically, the song has a decisive, stoic quality to it that feels bitter-sweet, like letting go or walking away.

Lyrically, the song feels simultaneously apologetic and resolute, as it seems to describe conflict or tension in a relationship: "because you're mostly determined to fake it / it's an ocean that drains through the floor / so when all of the plants that you've laid take water / do you pray for rain? / and are you hoping it pours?"

Nostalgic for what already is and hopeful for what might be better, this song is a perfect companion. Do yourself a favor, listen to "Ride" on bandcamp and stay tuned for the release of Pluck's next single on May 1.

Catch Pluck at Bug Jar tonight, April 14, with Coral Moons.

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