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SOUND BYTES: Zahyia & The Sideways

Written by The Sound Noah on Tue, 3/15

Zahyia & The Sideways at Lux on 3/11

I was back again for my usual Friday night at LUX, but this time I was accompanied by live music. I had been looking forward to the gig all week - The Sideways were opening for an album release party by the one and only Zahyia.

The fastidious young musicians that comprise The Sideways are so accurate in their technical ability that catching a live show from them feels like you're at a dance party listening to the studio recordings. Joe's sensitive songwriting paired with some funk standards really got the night started right. The band's usual drummer, Marco, was in Syracuse for the night (something to do with pickles?), but their stand-in drummer played like he had been with the band for years.

Next up was Zahyia. Zahyia and her band of brilliant, polished minds completely blew the small hotspot to the ground. The tasteful, authentic music off of the new album "Chapter 45" was a completely different experience live from the source, compared to when I listened to it on Spotify. Zahyia and the whole band's ability to tackle some seriously meaningful and crucial topics in such a beautiful and soulful way was truly inspiring.

I'm hope most people at the almost capacity-filled bar will remember this show in the future like I will.

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