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The Kiwis Create Feel-Good Indie Pop Vibes with 'Strange Danger' Release

Written by The Sound Kate on Fri, 3/25

The Kiwis release 'Strange Danger' album on 3/25

True to their sunshine-y name, The Kiwis sound like a day at the beach. Ever-melodic vocals and bass team up with jangly guitars and hit you like a subtle breeze.

Comprised of brothers Anthony and John Roberts, the band got their start in 2019 and thereafter brought on Mike DiGuilo and Simon Morrier. Their sound is a bit of reminiscent of The Drums, but with a more laid-back, pop-influenced vibe. Their single 'Mammoth' is the perfect summer roadtrip jam.

You can hear them on Friday, March 25 at The Club at Waterstreet, along with WhiteBoard PipeDreams, Marigold, and Hot Soup.

The band releases their debut album, 'Strange Danger', today, and you can stream it HERE.

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