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Wasted Paper Project Releases Debut Electronic Album, 'A Machine Is More'

Written by The Sound Kate on Tue, 4/26

The debut solo electronic release of local artist and musician, Noah Wickman

Rochester's own Noah Wickman is the sole creator, writer, and recording tech behind the Wasted Paper Project - an erratic, whimsical electronic musical endeavor self-described as something that has never tried to fit in a box, and likely never will.

Noah released Wasted Paper Project's eclectic debut album in mid-April, 'A Machine Is More'. He states the songs are representative of an electronic journey through an extreme arch of emotions, both remarkable and harrowing, that we have all felt from time to time.

Each song has a different feel - sharp and computerized segments ease themselves into melodic, more ambient atmospheres as you move track-by-track throughout the album. The different sounds, voices, and instruments that peek through the layers are eloquently and strategically placed. It's a rollercoaster of vibes, feelings, nostalgia, and moods - truly an electronic journey through space, dimensions, and time.

The album name was inspired by Noah's concise way of communicating and understanding that he is a primarily songwriter and second a musician and how important the computer, drum machines, and the digital audio workstation were to his overall process. This is such an interesting perspective and learning experience to absorb and express in the creation of such a work of art.

Listen to Wasted Paper Project's 'A Machine is More' HERE.

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