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Weekly Live Music Round Up, 8/29-9/4

Written by The Sound Kate on Sun, 8/28

It's the last week of August! It's Labor Day weekend! There are a ton of great shows this week, especially on Wednesday with The Gateswingers Big Band at Lovin' Cup playing for FREE - also get your dancin' shoes on for Ruby Shooz who is playing their rock n' roll jams at Ontario Beach Park. On Thursday, a great Bug Jar line up with Aweful Kanawful and Nervous Ticket and the Zipper Lips. We have LIVE EMO NIGHT on Friday, and Public Water Supply at Iron Smoke Distillery. SO MUCH GOING ON. Go see something new! Have a great week! and sign up for our newsletter to get this list delivered directly to your inbox every Monday!

Monday, August 29th

Amy Montrois (acoustic) - Genesee Brew House, 6P (FREE)

Tuesday, August 30th

Brian Tomaszewski / Dan Hallowell (covers) - Schooner’s Riverside Pub, 6P (FREE)

Wednesday, August 31st

Bob Sneider Trio (jazz) - The Little Theater Café, 6:30P (FREE)

Anthony Blood (blues) - Buntsy’s, 6P (FREE)

Kire Najdovski Band (rock) - Record Archive, 6P (FREE)

The Gateswingers Big Band (big band) - Lovin’ Cup, 8P (FREE)

The Angle (americana) - House of Guitars, 5P (FREE)

Dave Turner (covers) - Marge’s, 6P ($5)

Chris Murray & Vic Ruggiero / Some Ska Band / Katie Alessandra (ska) - The Club at Waterstreet, 7P ($12.50+)

The Uptown Groove (funk/r&b) - Rochester Public Market Food Truck Rodeo, 5P (FREE)

Songwriters in Roc ft. Chris Bethmann, Alex Goettel, Scott Austin, Chaz Goodman (acoustic) - Heroes Brewing, 6P (FREE)

Ruby Shooz (rock n’ roll) - Concerts By the Shore at Ontario Beach Park, 7P (FREE)

TrYsT / Jumbo Shrimp (covers) - Barnard Park, 5P ($10+)

Mojo Lite (covers) - Schooner’s Riverside Pub, 6P (FREE)

Thursday, September 1st

Aweful Kanawful / Nervous Ticket and the Zipper Lips / NOD (indie/punk/rock) - Bug Jar, 8P ($10)

The Gabe Stillman Band (blues) - Abilene, 8P ($15/$20)

Patty O (acoustic) - Abilene, 5:30P ($5)

The Revelators / White Tails / The Stone Lows (psych rock) - Abilene, 9:15P ($7)

Max Robbins and Andy Calabrese (jazz) -  The Little Theater Café, 6:30P (FREE)

Lips Turn Blue (rock n’ roll) - Iron Smoke Distillery, 7:30P ($10)

John Akers (acoustic) - Marge’s, 6P ($5)

Daryl Hall & John Oates - CMAC, 8P ($30+)

Friday, September 2nd

Live Emo Night with Cut Me Up Genny (emo) - Bug Jar, 8P ($10)

Leaking Head / Woodstock 99 / Illiterates / Little Angels / Parasitic Twins / Science Man / Kegstands Pub / Danny’s Favorites / Only Shallow (hardcore/punk) - Photo City, 7P ($15/$20)

Janus Duo (classical guitar) -  The Little Theater Café, 7P (FREE)

Adam Aronesty Quintet (jazz) - Small World Books, 7P ($5)

Rhythm Ace & The Nu Tones / Bangers and Trash (rock n’ roll) - LUX, 10P ($5)

Devin Childs Al Capone Tour / Brand-Nu / Jae Speccs / Redeyez / Ty Hatt / JK / Almighty Dinero (rap/hip hop) - Montage, 7P ($20)

Reminisce Dance Party (DJ) - Flour City Station, 10P ($20+)

Dean Keller’s Soul Jazz Joint (soul) - Lovin’ Cup, 6P (FREE)

Public Water Supply / Julia Weatherholtz (country) - Iron Smoke Distillery, 8:30P ($10)

Eric Trumpowsky (covers) - Buntsy’s, 5P (FREE)

80 Proof Prophets (rock) - Buntsy’s, 9P ($5)

Lips Turn Blue (rock n’ roll) - House of Guitars, 6P (FREE)

Beatles Saturday (Beatles covers) - 75 Stutson Street, 7:30P ($20)

Jenna and the Journeymen (covers) - Marge’s, 6P ($5)

Ayers Brothers (covers) - Blue Barn Cidery, 6P ($5)

Saturday, September 3rd

Vertices / Medusa’s Disco / Animal Sounds (prog) - Bug Jar, 8P ($10)

Ryan Ruckus / Deinfamous / Candymang vs/ Bones Jones / Fabricator / 4Star (DnB) - Photo City, 9P ($15)

Colorblind James Experience (alt roots/pop) - Abilene, 9P ($15/$20)

Reggaetown Invasion / R.K.M / KEN-Y (reggae) - Water Street Music Hall, 7P ($50+)

The Patrick Jaouen Band (rock) - Lovin’ Cup, 7P ($10)

Laura Dubin Trio (jazz) -  The Little Theater Café, 7P (FREE)

The Remakes (covers) - Buntsy’s, 9P (FREE)

Alicia and the Sideburns (covers) - Marge’s, 4P ($5)

Tedesco Knows Best (1P) / Aggressive Betty (3P) / The Matt Seidel Band (6P) / Who’s That (6P) - House of Guitars (FREE)

Sunday, September 4th

Juice Box Dance Party (DJ) - Photo City, 8P ($10) 

Classical Guitar Night -  The Little Theater Café, 6:30P (FREE)

The Dean’s List (covers) - Marge’s, 4P ($10)

Music in the Mansion with Jafre Chase (classical/viola) - George Eastman Museum, 3P (museum admission)

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