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Weekly Live Music Round Up, 9/5-9/11

Written by The Sound Kate on Sun, 9/4

September! What's up! On Wednesday, all-female jazz band the Fallopian Grooves hit Abilene. Our friends Coral Moons and The Sideways play The Club at Waterstreet and Oklahoma rockers Skating Polly play Bug Jar on Thursday. On Friday, don't miss Ghanaian drum + dance outfit Womba Africa on Friday at LUX, and The Rockin' Rochester fest kicks off at Abilene with Barrence Whitfield! The UUU Gallery also has a killer show with Philip "Doc" Martin and Phylicia Rae playing jazz, and Sunday we can't wait to see Service and Pomelo at Bug Jar.

Monday, 9/5

Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday, 9/6

The Levin Brothers (jazz) - Lovin’ Cup, 7P ($30/$35)

Wednesday, 9/7

Fallopian Grooves (jazz) - Abilene, 7:30P ($5)

The Levin Brothers (jazz) - Lovin’ Cup, 7P ($30/$35)

The Uptown Groove (covers) - Record Archive, 6P (FREE)

Amy Kucharik (ukulele singer/songwriter) - The Little Theater Café, 6:30P (FREE)

Entropy (rock) - House of Guitars, 5P (FREE)

Thursday, 9/8

Coral Moons / The Sideways / Tory Silver (rock/pop) - The Club at Waterstreet, 8P ($20)

Thick / Skating Polly / Bad Waitress (rock/punk) - Bug Jar, 7P ($15/$18)

The Casualties / Rotten UK / Turkey Blaster Omega / Sodoff / The Shuvits (punk) - Photo City, 7P ($15/$18)

Salsa Night (salsa) - Lovin’ Cup, 8P ($5/$10)

Common Music Different (jazz) - Record Archive, 6P (FREE)

Genesee Johnny (blues) - The Little Theater Café, 6:30P (FREE)

Steve Bartolotta All Star Jam (rock) - Iron Smoke Distillery, 7:30P ($5)

The Medicinals (roots/reggae) - Flour City Station, 7P (TBD) 

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra presents Beethoven’s 5th (classical) - Eastman Theater, 7:30P ($35+)

Friday, 9/9

Big Trouble with Rob Morley (DJ) - Bug Jar, 9P ($5)

Stop.drop.rewind / Patient Basement / Early Retirement / Face First  (pop punk) - Photo City, 8P ($10/$12)

Womba Africa (Ghanaian drum + dance) - LUX, 10P ($5)

Hundred Plus Club / Animal Sounds / Elsewise (rock) - The Club at Waterstreet, 7P ($10)

Rockin’ Rochester Fest ft. Barrence Whitfield / Duke Galaxy & the Pipeliners / Public Meats (rock n’ roll) - Abilene, 8P ($25/$30)

Mike & Rob from Junkyardfieldtrip / The Middle (covers) - Lovin’ Cup, 6P (FREE)

Megan Kehrer Trio (jazz) - The Little Theater Café, 7P (FREE)

Stephe Ferm/TBA (alt/folk) - Boulder Coffee, 7P ($5)

Mike & Julie (acoustic) - Iron Smoke Distillery, 5P (FREE)

B42K (covers) - Iron Smoke Distillery, 8:30P ($10)

Rust & Gravelhead (hard rock) - House of Guitars, 4P (FREE)

Into the Now (Grateful Dead Cover) - Flour City Station, 8P ($10)

That Dood Chris / OwlEyeRound / TOmmy Vino / Wolf*Mob*Thrilla / A-Ron / Brad Kaos / T.W.I.N (rap/hip hop) - Montage, 7P ($15)

ZooBrew with The Breakfast Club / Mr. Ric / Roc City Paupers (80’s covers) - Seneca Park Zoo, 5:30P ($9.50)

Saturday, 9/10

Wald Hexen / Necrostalker / the kamilsons / babayaga / Sodoff (metal) - Bug Jar, 8P ($10)

Gettoblaster / Mack Bango / Chris Allen / Richie Salvaggio (DJ) - Photo City, 8P ($20)

Rockin’ Rochester Fest ft. Daddy Long Legs / The Fox Sisters / The Low Spirits (rock n’ roll) - Abilene, 8P ($25/$30)

90’s Reggae & Hip Hop Explosion w/ Spragga Benz & Mr. Cheeks (reggae/hiphop) - Water Street Music Hall, 7P ($45+)

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra presents Beethoven’s 5th (classical) - Eastman Theater, 8P ($35+)

Laura G (singer/songwriter) - Boulder Coffee, 5P (FREE)

Cabo Frio (acoustic jazz) - 75 Stutson Street, 7P ($30)

Nate Coffey & The Good Vibes (funk/rock/reggae) - Lovin’ Cup, 7:30P ($5)

Levi Gangi (piano) - The Little Theater Café, 7P (FREE)

Cool Club & The Lipker Sisters (swing) - Iron Smoke Distillery, 8:30P ($5)

The Lonesome Angels (1P) / Piranha Loco (4P) /The Mason Tyler Band (6P) - House of Guitars (FREE)

Schism (Tool Tribute) / Goon Squad (Deftones Tribute) / Praun (prog) - Flour City Station, 7P ($20/$25)

Mud Creek (acoustic) - Marge’s, 4P ($5)

Dave Turner (acoustic) - Pane Vino, 6:30P (FREE)

Philip Doc Martin / Phylicia Rae (jazz) - UUU Gallery, 7P ($40)

Sunday, 9/11

Service / Pomelo / Eclectic Blend (rock) - Bug Jar, 8P ($12/$15)

Moving Images Poetry Series (poetry/music) - The Little Theater Café, 6:30P (FREE)

Dial Up (covers) - Marge’s, 4P ($5)

The Pickle Mafia (fusion/jazz) - Corn Hill Gazebo, 4P (FREE)

Second Sundays (music/record sale) - Bop Shop Records, 4P (FREE)

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