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Sound Bytes: AKU

Written by The Sound | Kate on Sun, 3/6

AKU at The Bug Jar 03/06/2022

To be honest, I thought AKU was a hardcore band when they stepped on stage at the Bug Jar. Maybe I read something wrong somewhere, or assumed from their band logo. As the last group on a strong line up with PickNumber3MyLord! and Make It Stop, I was ready for something totally different than I saw. It was then when they took me on a musical journey that was quite wonderful.

The instrumental 4-piece from Rochester fuses so many genres of music together it's nuts. They were loud, extremely tight, and powerful. Their musicianship radiated through extremely technical guitar leads, eclectic, non-traditional drum patterns, and driving, jazz-influenced bass lines. The keys/synth added this layer of funk but also eeriness I can't describe. You just go a lot of places in your brain when you listen to AKU, and it's really great.

Just go see it. They are a band to see live. They'll take you on an adventure and it will be fun, trust me.

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