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Sound Bytes: Beef Gordon Live

Written by The Sound Noah on Fri, 3/4

SOUND BYTES is The Sound’s series that recaps live shows you may have missed in Roc. This week, we go back in February to an amazing show with Beef Gordon. Contributor Noah Wickman chats about his night.

At LUX on Friday night, I had inadvertently been swallowed into a narrowing state of pensiveness and mystery. Having never heard of Beef Gordon until earlier that same day, I had gone to the South Ave. staple with an open mind and an insatiable palette.

The true testament to Beef Gordon’s talent in a live setting was the ability to cultivate a unanimous mindfulness among the crowd of people warming up from the frigid February night. Beef's minimalistic synth instrumentation was the perfect canvas for his almost satirical, straight to the point lyrics.

The performance art, the crowd interaction, and Beef's cultivated fashion makes catching a show essential into understanding the rare brand of strangeness that makes Beef Gordon unique.

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