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Written by The Sound Noah on Mon, 4/11

Chores at the Bug Jar on 4/1

I adore Bug Jar for being the spot to host every genre of music, unhampered and unrestrained. Because of this, I have always embraced that when I go to a show there, I'm probably in for something unusual; Therefore it was actually an unexpected surprise to hear the night open with the dreamy, charming, and straightforward sound of Rochester locals, Chores.

One Pisces and three Leos compromise this captivating, indie-rock outfit. The moment I knew I wanted to write about Chores was while they were performing the introspective, laid-back single they had just released, “Trip Wire.” This simplistic, yet polished song was a wonderful contrast to their harder-edge “wall of sound” tunes in their repertoire. Until they drop more music online, catching a show is fundamental to hear what Chores have to offer. I highly reccomend!

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