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Written by The Sound | Kate on Sat, 3/12

Jimso Slim at the Bug Jar on 3/10/22

If it wasn't for The Bug Jar's iconic adornment of upside-down furniture and sticker-plastered walls, I would have mistaken myself to be on the west coast - perhaps southern California - far from snowy Monroe Avenue. The trio that compromises Jimso Slim has a sunny, laid back sound and atmosphere that Roc sometimes needs. 

With his Dylan-esque vocal delivery, "Jimso" is able to connect with even large crowds on a more personal level.

The golden moment for this particular show was the contrast between Jimso's vulnerable solo acoustic acts and the smooth psychedelic vibrations that bassist Russell and drummer Tex add to the songs. Both versions of Jimso Slim are worth a journey to go-see, especially to warm you up on a chilly NY night. 

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