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Ryan Sutherland’s Songwriting Journey and His Focus on ‘The Revelators’

Written by The Sound Kate on Tue, 3/29

A chat with Ryan Sutherland about his band, The Revelators, and their show on 3/31 at Abilene.

Ryan Sutherland has been playing music for a long time. Hailing from a small town near Syracuse, Ryan would sing quietly as a kid, secretly, so no one would hear. His skill began to develop and slowly started taking over his life until his relationship with music became ‘undeniable’. He picked up a guitar, taught himself to play, and began his journey into a world of performance from there. 

He credits FLCC as his main source of growth, and while he was playing and focusing on recording engineering, he decided to move to Roc and started grinding. Starting out as a solo performer, he realized that his Springsteen-inspired, expressive rock tunes best came to life with a full band. Hiring one-off musicians for shows turned into Ryan solidifying his line-up into what we now know as ‘The Revelators’ - and their music does not disappoint. It’s nostalgic, gritty, and melodic, with aspects reminiscent of Elvis Costello mixed a little bit of folk and country, all with a rock undertone. He has a solidified lineup in hand that is currently recording with Ben Morey at Submarine Sounds, and he is excited to showcase this collaborative, full-band release in October of this year.

My 5 quick questions for Ryan: 

What is your favorite venue in Roc to play?

'The Bug Jar.'

Who has the best pizza in Rochester? 

'Peels on Wheels.'

What is your favorite piece of gear? 

'My Fuzz Factory pedal.'

What is your favorite animal? 

'A panther - they’re so mysterious and powerful. It’s like a giant version of my cat.'

What are you excited about? 

'Music in general and playing upcoming shows, especially Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on June 19th.'

Ryan and his band ‘The Revelators’ are playing Abilene this Thursday with Flying Home at 7P. Details HERE

He released single 'Yuletide Regrets' and 'Loner's Paradise' - and look out for The Revelators' new album to be released in October.

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